Fars fig producing and packing company
Field of activity:

producing, production, buying and selling, exporting,
and packing wet and dry fig.
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All about fig virtues & benefits

Organic fig

The best way of using fig is to use the product of that, since using it is simple and it has all the fig virtues, and in the case of cooking and packing control, it is completely hygienic.
company’s slogan

(( Fig is like crude oil, so we should produce it and use it in the best way.))

Fars fig producing and packaging

Fig or it’s production can be placed in most of the diets such as low fat diet, loosing weight and diabetic people’s diet. Also, we use this fruit to remove chest diseases, weakness of nerves and help to muscles...Clickhere
This company had been able to prepare the formula of more than 10 fig products such as fig masqaty , marmalade, biscuit, honey, breakfast chocolate, cookie, jam, syrup, compote , and fig powder... click here
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